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We offer truly worldwide coverage specialising in ‘hotspot’ and high risk travel destinations.

Crisis Protect

Offering a comprehensive combined travel and kidnap Insurance Policy designed for individuals and companies travelling to and from high risk and non-standard counties and locations. Our plans are based on destination, benefit levels and the term of the policy.

We offer a wide range of benefits, and you can choose which benefits to include in your policy:

Benefit Maximum Sum Insured
Personal Accident (accidental death and capital benefits) Up to GBP/USD/EUR 1,000,000 per person
Temporary Total Disablement  payable up to 04 weeks Up to GBP/USD/EUR 20,000 per week (subject to justification of salary)
Kidnap Consultants Fees Up to GBP/USD/EUR 250,000 per annum and in the annual aggregate
Personal Security Up to GBP/USD/EUR 50,000 per annum and in the annual aggregate
Search and Rescue Up to GBP/USD/EUR50,000 per annum and in the annual aggregate
Political and Natural Disaster  Evacuation Up to GBP/USD/EUR 250,000 per event and GBP/USD/EUR 1,000,000 in the annual aggregate
Medical and Repatriation Expenses Up to GBP/USD/EUR 500,000
Personal Belongings Up to GBP/USD/EUR 5,000 (including business samples and equipment)
Ransom Available upon request

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation

This insurance product available to both an individual and groups offers a genuine market leading insurance policy for Evacuation following a disastrous event.

Unlike most other Evacuation products, PNDE is truly global and acts to remove travellers from all countries or regions. Our policy will cover travellers to hotspots or countries where governments or State departments have issued a travel warning saying the country is dangerous or unstable.

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Limits can be up to USD/GBP/EUR 250,000 per person, USD/GBP/EUR 5,000,000 per incident, USD/GBP/EUR 10,000,000 per policy.

To include the following unique and reactive clauses:

  • Point of Incident Evacuation during a Political and/or Natural Disaster.
  • Hibernation – a security team secures your location and personnel until the situation dissipates.
  • Expertise Increase – insert a specialist team to shut down your facility/offices or recover documentation

PNDI acts upon the following trigger points or events and will evacuate you travelling when:

  • Your home government issues a travel advice to leave a particular country where you are travelling in, - or -
  • The recognised Government in the country you are travelling in either declares a state of emergency necessitating immediate evacuation or formally recommends or instructs that you should leave that country or region for safety or seizes, confiscates or expropriates the you or your property or expels you or declares you “persona non grata”, -or-
  • Withdraws all scheduled international commercial flights for a period of excess of 24 hours as a result of political or military action intervention which has a direct impact on your safety and prevents you leaving the country, - or -
  • A natural disaster within the Country you are travelling in which has a direct impact on you and your safety, -or -
  • Political or military events in the country you are staying in represent an imminent threat to your safety.

Political, Natural Disaster and Medical Evacuation

This insurance product will cover individual and groups for all travel evacuation necessities by including Medical Emergency Evacuation with the PNDE.

It is more expensive than purchasing the PNDE on its own but by incorporating medical emergencies whilst travelling our clients are comforted by the fact that our swift response in almost any emergency will be covered by an insurance policy.

Limits for Emergency Medical Evacuation (PNDM) (in addition to PNDE) can be up to GBP/EUR/USD 1,000,000 per person. Per event We include the following additional benefits:

  • Additional travel expenses after evacuation,
  • Companion ticket – allowing a companion or friend to visit
  • Accomondation benefit – providing accommodation for companion or friend
  • Transportation of minor children
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

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