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Northcott Global Solutions Ltd.

NGS – are the new generation of assistance company and the only dedicated political, natural disaster and medical evacuation provider.

Increasing commercial and private globalisation over the last 30 years has seen significant gaps in the traditional ‘assistance’ (evacuation and contingency) industries’ capability to service clients outside the first world. By utilizing a multi-dimensional service provider model NGS has filled these gaps even where there is little or no domestic, emergency service.

Based in the City of London and with a unique Due Diligence process NGS has a globally proven record of reacting in hours compared to the industry standard of 3 – 7 days.

NGS bring the same dynamism to our various medical and infrastructure facility solutions all of which can be installed in days and are mobile, flexible, robust and competitive. NGS bring the multi-dimensional, multi-disciplined, military operational planning and evacuation experience into the civilian market.

NGS Provide:

  • Emergency Evacuation - Political & Civil unrest, Natural Disaster and Medical
  • Contingency Planning – pre or during an incident
  • Remote Medical provision – staffing, facilities, planning
  • Operations Room Services – 24/7, specialist manning
  • Infrastructure – schools, water purification, accommodation, storage
  • Tracking – various integrated satellite, mobile based and bespoke platforms

All products are designed to operate either independently or in conjunction with each other for a completely holistic solution.

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